7 beauty resolutions for 2020!

By Sarah Mark

7 makeup habits to adopt in 2020

As every year I am asked which good resolutions I am going to be able to adopt this year, to tell you the truth, I do not like to make a list of good resolutions which nobody keeps to for a few days at the most. And yes, I am against good resolutions because honestly I never stick to them. Imagine the scene I/you pass in front of the little pair of spartan shoes that you will find for your next holidays, certainly in a few months, but then you promised yourself no more compulsive buying without immediate necessity and of course I/you cracked because who can resist a new pair of shoes and then the good resolutions go away. The same goes for the super chocolate eclaire at the bakery when you promised to stop eating sugar. That’s ridiculous.
This being said, for those who would like to make a good resolution for 2020, I propose you the beauty resolutions. In this field, how to refuse yourself a perfect skin and make-up, nothing is impossible with my 7 resolutions for a perfect make-up without fuss.



1- On a cleansed skin you will start. It is out of the question to start your make-up on a dirty skin, it would risk producing an excess of sebum and the proliferation of bacteria not to mention clogging your pores. Blackheads? No thanks.


2- Watch out for the expiration date you will do. I know it may seem strange especially for someone who only wears makeup once a year, but like yoghurt, makeup goes out of date. It usually lasts a year and for iridescent makeup it is better to refrain after 6 months. You can always check the date of longevity of the product on the small cylindrical logo usually located on the back of the product. This logo indicates how long the product will last after opening.


3- To the color of your skin you will become familiar. And yes the skin has several color variations here called undertone. This is essential to choose the perfect color for foundation, anti dark circle etc…. It can be cold or warm, usually you will find it by looking at the inside of your wrist. Is it yellow, olive pink etc… If you are still not sure, a professional makeup artist will help you, no need to worry your Sephora pro makeup consultant will do a great job, look at the career of Mario Dedivanovic the Kardashian makeup artist who started his career at Sephora.


4- Create relief or a face map. I’ve never been a big fan of contouring and makeup like Bozo the clown so popular these last few years, hopefully this trend will remain so 2019. That being said, creating relief is very important when it comes to makeup. Raise the cheekbones, slightly hollow the cheeks without falling into excess and that’s where the face map plays a role. Knowing your contours helps to illuminate rather than cut out.


5- Blend like a pro. One of the worst enemies of make-up is the flash of the camera or iphone. Believe me now that I spread my life on instagram I can tell you about it, no defect resists to it. So take the time to spread everything well to the point where your anti dark circle melts into your base. The ideal is to test it under different lighting. If there is no risk that you will be photographed on the red carpet like Nicole Kidman in 2009, then everything will be fine.


6- Disinfect your brushes regularly. Believe me, I know how boring this step can be, especially since you have to leave a drying time, so if you plan to go out, be careful not to wash your brushes 2 hours before or plan to have a spare one. Although this is only about hygiene, it is not worth skipping this step and spreading bacteria everywhere on your skin as well as on your new products.


7- Stop falling asleep without removing your makeup!! Seriously it doesn’t take much time and it’s so important. For the die-hard who lie down with make-up on, you risk an invasion of blackheads, pimples and spreading all your mascara on your pillow. For those I therefore advise you to put make-up remover wipes on your bedside table, it’s not perfect, but at least it’s a form of make-up remover.



On that note, I leave you all dressed up and ready to hold these 7 resolutions tomorrow morning.


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