At home with the children (from 6 years old)

A rather unlikely scenario, but here we are and we will have to find solutions.
Many children have started e-learning with their schools, parents have become teachers and for the little ones we improvise every day.

So staying at home is also creating a routine.
Many parents have set up schedules.

One of my girls in sixth grade told me last night:
“but mom, online school is great, but there’s no gym anymore? »
There are solutions!

Here is a list and ideas that will allow you to occupy the older children from the age of 6 years old


  • For the manual activities I recommend you to go here :


  • Read :


  • Learn a language:


  • Online Teachers :


  • Visit museums online


  • Sport


  • Meditation :


  • Cooking recipes :,1275785.asp


  • Listen to music :


  • Coding :!/


  • Watch movies :


  • Whatsapp / FaceTime :

Establish a routine for calling grandparents, for example.

Create a WhatsApp group with classmates to make virtual play dates


  • Technology :

Mobile phone, tablet, video games are also a solution but to consume in moderation.


  • Let’s get crazy ? :

Make a tent in the living room?
Make a spa afternoon at home
Play hairdresser
Improvise a mini golf
Dressing up
Do a karaoke


What about you?? Do you have any ideas to share with us ???

We look forward to hearing from you

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