Bike racks with creative design

If you live in NYC you know how difficult it can be to find space to store your bike.

However, there are several solutions.

Put it outside subject to the elements and potential damage or theft. Store it in the bike room of your building if you are lucky enough to have one, but this solution is not without risks either … Or, simply store it in your apartment but as far as decoration is concerned, it is not always very nice.

Here are a few solutions to store your faithful companion efficiently and with style in your home.



  • KNIFE & SAW, Bike Shelf

Available in several types of wood and sizes (custom sizes available), this elegant shelving will allow you to showcase your Bike but you can also utilize the space for books, flowers, Bike accesories, etc…..



  • ARTIFOX, Rack

With its minimalist design, quality materials and a unique mounting system that self-levels along any surface using a magnet. This stylish bike rack will be discreet in your apartment and also offers a nice piece of decoration. (Available in several colours)

ps: don’t hesitate to go and have a look on their website, there are a lot of nice products.



  • MIKILI, Slît

Certainly the simplest and least bulky,  Slît will fit perfectly in your apartment and is at the same time a stable and intelligent bike rack. I particularly like the idea that we can hide a picture behind this « door » that will only be visible in the open position. Also handy as a shelf, this rack is available in several colours

ps: Mikili also offers other interesting bike racks on their website.



Photos: Knife & Saw, The Artifox & Mikili

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