Catskills Mountains


Welcome to the Catskill Mountains. hilly landscape, green in summer, snowy in winter.

the Castkills, near the famous town of Woodstock, are home to bucolic holiday camps (as in the movie Dirty Dancing) and inspired the painter Thomas Cole.

By rolling from village to village, in an atmosphere close to David Lynch’s films, we discover an authentic, vintage, rural, artisanal, but also a beautiful America.

From Kingston to Hudson, through Saugerties, Phoenica and Woodstock, you Will  travel between mountain cabins, organic farms, microbreweries, shops, art galleries, cafés, bakeries, pubs, restaurants and diners.

With mountains, rivers, forests and parks, take a breath of fresh air while hiking, rafting, kayaking, fishing or play golf.

In winter, even more possibilities are available to you. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

Just a few hours’ drive or train ride north of NYC, the Catskills are the perfect Getaway destination for foodies, nature lovers, adventurers at heart and sports enthusiasts.


Distance from NYC : 130 miles, 2h30min

Stay there : Deer Mountain Inn, The Graham & co , Scribners Lodge,

Eat there : Phoenica Diner, Silvia, Peekamoose Restaurant

Catskills Travel Guide

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