Christmas DIY: Scarf Wreath

By Delphine Rouleau

You’ll need :

  • A 14 inches metal wreath (1$ from Dollar Tree)
  • Two scarfs (1$ each from  Dollar Tree)
  • Two floral picks or pine picks from your yard (1$ each from Dollar Tree)
  • Big bells (1$  pack from Dollar Tree)
  • A glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire

Instructions :

1- Fold the first scarf in half and wrap it around the metal wreath. Leave a couple of inches to make a knot at the end.

2- When you have finished to wrap the first scarf, glue the second scarf to the first . Cut the fringes before gluing the two scarfs together.

3- Glue the end of the two scarfs together with hot glue .

4- Keep wrapping the second scarf around the wreath.

5- When you reach the first scarf make a knot with the end of the scarfs.

6- Add floral picks into the knot or glue them to the scarf.

7- Attached 3 bells together with the wire and then to the wreath and you’re done.


Find Delphine on Instagram : @c_bete_comme_chou

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