DIY Big Balloons Christmas Ornaments

Difficulty : Very easy

Price : $




Want to have you very own giant christmas ornaments like the ones you can find at 1251, Sixth Avenue in NYC during Christmas time?

Well, here is a DIY way to make look a like ones. Maybe not as giant but equally stunning.



Supplies & tools :

  • Balloons (opaque and thick)
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Aluminium foil paper
  • Scissors
  • Cotton rope
  • Transparent scotch tape
  • Glue


Instructions :

  • Start by cutting the empty toilet paper rolls in 3 to 4 equal cylinders
  • Wrap the cylinders with aluminium foil paper using transparent scotch to secure it. ( you can also paint them using silver spray paint for a nicer result )
  • Inflate the balloons ( not to much to keep a nice round shape ) 
  • Attach the rope to the end of the balloon and do a little loop
  • slide the rope through the cylinder
  • secure the cylinder to the balloon using some glue



Et voilà !! You now got your Big Christmas ornaments. Easy !


You can stack them together using some glue, tie them all together using a fishing line to make a nice banner or randomly display them in your home.

It is also possible to make GIANT one using Big balloons or by remplacing the balloons with a play ball and the toilet paper roll with a food container (see video)

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