DIY Christmas decoration: Stocking

By Delphine Rouleau

What you’ll need:

  • –  Wood stocking (1$ the pack of 5 at Dollar Tree)
  • –  Wrap paper or cartboard paper
  • –  A microfiber cloth (1 $ at Dollar Tree)
  • –  Mod Podge or white glue
  • –  Scissors
  • –  Glue gun


Instructions :

1- Draw the stocking on your paper and cut them

2- Put Mod Podge on the wood stocking and glue the paper– Remove the bubles with your fingers if any. You can put a coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper or not.


3- When the paper is glued on the wood stocking cut the microfiber cloth to cover the top of the stocking. Measure the size and cut enough microfiber cloth to cover the back and front of the stocking.

4- Before gluing the microfiber cloth insert the jute cord in the hole. Use hot glue to glue the microfiber cloth to the stocking.

5- Glue the front and back of the stocking .

6- Glue the top of the stocking and cut the excess being careful to not cut the jute cord.

7- When you’re done you can put the decoration on your Christmas tree or make a garland.


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