Family Weekends Ideas, December 21-22, 2019

It’s the holidays and the final stretch before the end of year celebrations!
Merry Christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, happy holidays all!


  • Museum of ice cream

No more pop up, the museum of ice cream is back and this time for real, we’re already enjoying it!


  • Superreal nyc

Go dream in this immersive exhibition located at 25 broadway, a historic place in New York.


  • Skiing à american dream

Go to New Jersey to ski… indoors!! Yes… yes… you are not dreaming!


  • Hannukah

It’s Hanukkah: the festival of lights, come light a huge Menorah.


  • Brookfield photo with Santa Claus

One last little family photo with Santa Claus?



Les fêtes de fin d’année c’est aussi le bon moment pour partager des moments et créer des souvenirs en famille devant un spectacle.


  • The rockettes 


  • Slava snow show


  • Big apple circus


  • Twas day before christmas



And for your holiday meals, go to :


  • Le district


  • Simply gourmand


  • Yummy bazaar



Stay warm and go see a movie :


  • Cats



Find even more holiday activities here

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