Gen Z

VSCO Girls ??? what’s that all about ?!

Born from the vsco app, this new trend is all the rage with gen z.

Vsco girl: The new trend among teens.


Who are the vsco girls?
A Polaroid camera, Vans shoes, Crocs, Birkenstock’s and scrunchies on the wrists (these little hair bands), Kanken backpacks, here are the essential accessories of the vsco girl.


Eco responsible teens
That’s not all, no more plastic bottles for these teens, the hydro flask a metal bottle is also part of their essential accessories as well as bamboo or metal straws for this eco responsible generation.


As for make-up, they should be as minimalist as possible their favorite brand:
Mario Badescu, Carmex or Glossier.

On the Music side Ariana Grande is the star of vsco girls and the “tik tok” is their means app for communication.

Vsco girls meet around the same slogan: “Save the turtle” “and I oop”

If you meet a vsco girl, call her saying: “Sksksksk” and she will answer you with a nice smile!


Welcome to the generation Z

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