Guide de survie alimentaire aux Etats-Unis

by Estelle Tracy

“When I arrived in the United States in 2002, I did not know that a simple trip to the supermarket would be a worthy challenge for Fort Boyard. American brands are indeed different from European brands and some consumer products in France are almost unknown in the United States. “


Her first visit to an American supermarket, Estelle has not forgotten. Today, she finally knows where to find a pot of cottage cheese and how to use the famous baking soda. She shares here the fruits of her discoveries to guide other French-speaking taste buds in the United States.

The US Food Survival Guide is 52 pages of landmarks, tips and good places to eat well in the United States. On the program, dairy products and pastry, of course, but also meat, eggs, chocolate, potatoes, survive the first outing to the restaurant and much more!

“There are culinary books that pile up year after year, because you never think of using them. This book will not take dust. ”
– Ewa Kuczynski, French Morning Magazine

“[The guide] really bears his name! I go to the family of my husband for Thanksgiving and I have to prepare cakes for 30 people, and to buy the different ingredients in advance, your guide was really a reference without which I would have had trouble get out. ”
– William, France

$ 15 + $ 3 postage to the USA

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