Ice Skating


Winter is coming! And with it a plethora of ice rinks begin to open everywhere in New York City. Perfect time for you to introduce yourself or your kids to a cool way to to work out over the winter while enjoying a good time with family or friends.

Whether it’s just a winter hobby or a real desire to start ice-skating as a sport,  you will find a lot of health benefits in this sport.

Skating works nearly every muscle group in the body. Synchronized movements help building up the legs and abdominal muscles. It is also really good for your joints and muscles health.

It will help improving your balance, coordination and weight management but also stress managament as working out in general is a great way to relieve stress.

Combined with a healthy diet, ice-skating helps to lose or maintain wheight by burning up to 200 calories per hour, in a fun exercise. You will probably won’t even notice that you are working out.

Here is a list of few outdoor and indoor ( for all year round skating ) ice rinks;



Jersey City :

Photos: © Immortal shots, ©Skeeze

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