JR : Chronicles

Brroklyn Museum

What’s that?

JR, a French artist born in 1983, began his artistic career in the Paris region in the suburb of Montfermeil. First, through graffiti and, following the discovery of a camera in the Parisian subway in 2001, he tackled this new art.

He led photographic projects in Palestine, Israel, Rio, Paris region, … Printing portraits in very large format in cities.

During the exhibition, we discover his photographic work through small reports in his different places of action.

And, for a few years now, he has also been making short films, including a very elaborate one called “Elis Island”, which you can discover in one of the exhibition rooms.


The exhibition on the French artist JR is on display at the Brooklyn Museum until May 3, 2020.


Where is it?

Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Open from Wednesday to Sunday.


Is it expensive?

The exhibition has no fixed price. It is up to you to evaluate at the entrance the price you want to give. The cashier told us that $16 is the recommended price – ultimately as a classic entrance to this museum.
Please note that children under 19 years old do not pay.

Locker rooms for clothes available but not free.


Go there ?

Yes! The exhibition is really fast-paced. We alternate between photos, films, reports, We are not bored!
We stayed there for 1h30 with our 5 year old who enjoyed seeing pictures of France again!

Run there you will not be disappointed!



Article written by Estelle Bagur ( her blog & Instagram )

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