Knitting cotton sponges!

By Estelle Bagur

What’s that?

Want to learn how to knit a quick project and change your consumption?
This pattern is perfect to test!

What do you need?


  • cotton thread : a 50g ball for about 75m ( 82 yards) of thread
  • size 5 or US 8 needles
  • a tapestry needle 
  • a marker ring ( or a paper clip or a safety pin).
Tapestry needle
Marker ring

Is it complicated?

No, it’s a quick and easy project. It will take you between 1 and 3 hours to make a sponge.

The pattern is free and can be found here:


To help you out, here we go:

  • Mesh assembly :

  • Knit stitch :

  • Purl stitch :

  • Slip stitch :

  • Sewing :


And, I’m breaking down the pattern for you here:

Thread 32 stitches (leave enough thread for sewing at the end).

Row 1  * 1 knit stitch, slip 2 stitches * repeat 5 times; 2 knit stitches; * slip 2, 1 knit stitch * repeat 5 times.
A marker can be placed before the two right-side stitches so that you can see at a glance if you have not made a mistake!

Row 2 * Knit all the stitches right-side up.

Repeat these rows 32 times or to the desired height.
Finish, fold the knit in half and sew on all 3 sides.

Personally I made about 20 times these two rows to get the classic sponge height.

Ah yes, I tried to finish my cotton stock, hence the stripes! Well they’re sponges so it’s ok if they’re ugly ! But personally I prefer the green one !


Which type of wool? Is it expensive?

For me, leftover cotton form Drops, Paris quality. Not sure you’ll find it here.

When I went to Joann’s, I found colorful and fun alternatives like below.
The blue yarn version is more complicated to knit but allows you to make scraper sponges.
A 50g ball will allow you to make 2 sponges for about $3 to $5.

The promise of these sponges: last longer and be very easy to wash to avoid odours!


Is it good?

I’ve been using them for over two weeks and I’m delighted!

The mix, diswashing liquid plus cotton, foam well. And cotton is slightly abrasive. Perfect for removing light dirt without damaging anything.

I think the scraper thread version is a big plus if we want to eliminate scrapers from our habits.


Can’t wait to see your achievements now!


Article written by Estelle Bagur.

Find Estelle on her blog and go follow her on Instagram

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