Ma Poule Big Party Tonight

by Charlotte Malka

The end of the year holidays are approaching and we are already thinking about how to be the most beautiful to face them?

Of course we have to find the most beautiful sequined dress, velvet or other party outfit, but what about our face, what can we do to be the most beautiful for the holidays?

The “ma poule” section is here to help you to know what type of product to use to be beautiful on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve and more generally before a “big party”.

In order to have a fresh and well hydrated complexion, the day before an event there is a beauty gesture that I particularly like is the sleeping mask.

As its name suggests, it is a mask that we will leave on all night long and that will have sensational moisturizing virtues.

My favourite is the one from Dior, for its result but also for its smell and texture. In the morning you will just have to remove the excess with cotton wool if you feel the need.

Another good and affordable option is LANEIGE, a Korean brand that I LOVE.

On the day of the event and before applying your makeup, I recommend an extraordinary mask, and I’m weighing my words, the Glow Better from Dior.

Glow is really the fashionable cosmetic expression of the last two years and I can tell you that now you’ll have Glow down the drain!

This mask will decongest your skin with a prodigious frosty effect.

It’s a kind of jelly with apricot seeds inside, a delight for your skin. It is left on for 3 to 10 minutes, and it is so skin-friendly that you can do it up to 3 times a week.

It is one of my beauty essentials because it immediately changes the look of your face.

No more marks of tiredness, wrinkled features and congested complexion in only 3min, run to Dior or Sephora to buy it, and I am sure you will be conquered from the first use!!

Another good gesture just before applying your makeup, that you can apply at the same time as the Glow better mask, is the hydrogel patch.

These patches, which can be found everywhere and at any price, whether it is in the Forever 21 or Sephora shelves, are a good way to get rid of your tired look and dark circles.

At Ulta beauty, you’ll find pads from Florence by Mills that are hot!

Finally, a good gesture to have every day and even more before a big night out, rollerblading your jade stone!

The jade roller is simply a small accessory composed of a handle and one or two jade stone rollers, which you pass over your face to perform a facial self-massage.

Very easy to find, again at all prices, from about 15 dollars on Amazon to 30 dollars at Sephora the jade stone has extraordinary natural cosmetic virtues. It helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles, restores radiance to the complexion, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, relaxes muscles, or allows better penetration of cosmetics.

In the morning to decongest your face, in the evening to relax it, this stone is a pure cosmetic marvel!

Whether placed in the fridge or kept at room temperature it remains cold in all circumstances!

Finally, before starting your make-up, don’t forget to start with a foundation such as the one from Glossier and finish with a make-up fixative for a flawless make-up result until the end of the night. Mac’s is one of my favourites.

You now have all the keys in your hands to look your best for this holiday season, I wish you a good passage to the year 2020, and above all don’t forget to have FUN!

See you next year for new cosmetic adventures XOXO.


*Ulta Beauty is one of my favorite stores in Manhattan, a hybrid between a Sephora and a Monoprix, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 


  • Dior, Hydra Life Jelly Sleeping mask , 69$ / Hydra life,  glow better , fresh jelly mask , 69$
  • Florence by Mills, swiming under the eyes gel pads, 34$
  • Glossier, Priming Moisturizer , 22$
  • LANEIGE, Water sleeping mask, 25$
  • MAC COSMETICS , hydratinf refreshind, finishes makeup, setting spray, 28$ pour 100ml et 16$ les 30ml.
  • Roller Jade Ysrisny, Amazon 11,99$


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