Oak Mountain a long weekend!

By Estelle Bagur

What’s that?

About 200 miles and 3h30 drive from NYC, the small resort of Oak Mountain is perfect to spend a long weekend in peace and quiet and enjoy the snow!

In this resort, you will find a few green, blue and black runs, two learning runs and a tubing track. A small “restaurant” and a rest room are also available. And, many ski instructors are present.
Beware, we are very far from the French resorts of the Alps.

Here, the highest point is only 736 m and there is only one chair lift!
But, the low frequentation and the prices are really interesting! Perfect to learn how to ski!

And, big plus of this resort, it is located just one mile from the small village and the Speculator lake. Many people go on this lake to cross it on cross-country skis and snowmobiles! And, the deer come in their turn at nightfall! What a magical spectacle!


Where is it?

141 Novosel Way Speculator, NY 12164


Are we eating well?

The small fast food restaurant offers hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese,… It’s clearly not a gourmet restaurant but the quality is good and the prices are not unreasonable (about 8$ for a dish + fries and soda).


Is it expensive?

No, and it’s a nice surprise!

Some prices: – 4 hours of tubing: $18 – day lift: $35 – a coffee or hot chocolate: $2.

Please note reductions of -7 to -20% by booking your tickets via internet.

Equipment rental is also possible: the equipment is very correct, all from the brand Rossignol.



Yes if you have children who are learning to ski or if you yourself are not too good at skiing and only need a few runs!


Article written by Estelle Bagur ( her Blog & Instagram )

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