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Interview with Corinne and Laéthycia

We met Corinne and Laéthycia, two young women full of energy who embark on a great adventure.

They explain their business with enthusiasm and good mood.
Seduced, we want to share with you and introduce them in this interview

Do not hesitate to contact them for your special events or if you need special help!!!


– Who you are?

Corinne and Laéthycia, two parisians who decided to take a bite out of the Big Apple! After almost 10 years in New York working as house manager and family assistant for high profile households, we decided to create a concierge services and event planning company.


– Why Personal Attention?

Details are important to us. In France we have a saying “The devil is in the detail”. As a private concierge, of course we answer all your needs. The way we do it, is what makes us unique.

Because we are Personal Attention, we have to think about all the little details, for you to enjoy a unique experience when you use our services.

Each one of our clients receive a personalized attention.


– Your services?

You have to think about Personal Attention as your Personal Assistant / House Manager: We are planners, coordinators, and helpers for busy household. We assist you to make sure your life runs smoothly, so you can spend more time with your family, your business or just enjoy your life.


➢ Managing the household’s schedules and calendars

➢ Event planning, organizing, and coordination

➢ Arranging appointments for personal and professional needs

➢ Scheduling and supervising home maintenance and repair work

➢ Handling household bills and administrative duties

➢ Running errands and performing necessary tasks

➢ Supervision of other household staff (housekeepers, private chefs, nannies, chauffeur, driver)

➢ Travel arrangement

➢ Restaurants reservations

➢ Tickets for NY shows, concerts, Broadway




-Who are your clients?

We are lucky to have many different profiles. This makes our job exciting, because of the different requests we have. A family with 3 kids in Tribeca does not have the same needs as a couple leaving in the Meatpacking district. Single men living in the financial district are interesting clients for us, they make us work harder on the creative part of our services. As french people we work with a lot french tourists visiting New York, but also with french speaking people relocating to New York from all over the world.


– What are your specialties?

We are the reference when it comes to picnic! We were featured in the NY POST, for them! You never had a picnic, if you did not experience one with Personal Attention.


-Can you give us an example of a particular request? a challenge mission?

A client had a relative visiting from France for couple days. This relative was in a wheelchair and suffering from Hemiplegia. We arranged special airport transfer for her. We had to provide a french nurse who would come every morning to help her with showering and getting dressed. We were very happy for our client, because she let us know without our help, she wouldn’t have been able to come to New York for her first time ever.

Last summer we had our first vegan picnic, it was very challenging! Our client were very impressed.


– Yours Missions?

Our mission is to make sure, you have enough time to enjoy what you like the most! Time is one of the most valuable thing, we make sure you will not waste yours.


– Your values?

Excellence, Integrity; Altruism


– What you like about your job? what motivates you?

We are problem solvers. Seeing in our clients’eyes gratitude and joy is a great feeling. We can’t change the world, but helping people to live a better life makes the world a better place.


Your personal message for the Frenchy Moms:

“Being a mom is amazing but it’s not easy, when you feel overwhelmed reach out to us.“



Thank you very much for your time, your good mood and good luck Corinne et Laéthycia!!!


To contact them:

Personal Attention


Site Internet:

Instagram: @personal_attention

Facebook: @personalattentionNYC



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