Schools: American system or French system?

Article written by : Estelle Bagur

You hesitate between the two systems?
Here are some answers to help you in your choice by giving for each one some positive and negative points. Attention the goal is absolutely not to tell you which system to choose. The final choice depends on your expectations.

American school:


  • The opportunity to be right next door to your home.
  • Learning the language and practicing it will be faster.
  • Total cultural immersion!
  • The schools integrate many children with more or less heavy handicaps: a nice open-mindedness for our children.
  • The price


  • The risk of being a little lost at first if the child does not speak English.
  • Having to upgrade the program if the child returns to France.
  • The risk of losing their level in French if they do not speak enough at home.


French-American school :


  • My child is doing the French program: he is not out of step if he returns to France.
  • He doesn’t have the language shock at the beginning: some children speak and/or are French.
  • Smaller and more family-oriented structures.
  • Many extra-curricular activities are offered: chess, sports, sewing,…


  • School is often a long way from home.
  • Class sizes can be very small and therefore the interaction in class may be less interesting.
  • A double curriculum (French system and American system): the children are more tired.
  • The price

Some addresses of French-American schools (non-exhaustive list) :

New Jersey :

– FAA in New Milford , Morris Plains and Jersey City

Count from 19000 to 24000$ per year for the courses.
From 2 years to college.

New York :

– Fasny in Larchmont and Mamaroneck

Count from 27000 to 36000$ per year for courses.
From kindergarten to high school.

– in New York and Ardsley :

Count from $27,000 to $36,000 a year for classes.
Kindergarten through high school.

– In New York :

$35,000 to $37,000 a year for tuition.
Kindergarten through middle school.

Please note that some American schools also charge fees. Prices vary a lot.
You can find school evaluations here:

Schools in the states of New Jersey and New York are very popular. Rental prices will depend on the city’s education system. The better the system, the more expensive the rent will be.

It’s up to you to see what best suits you and your children!

Remember that in any case, your child will find in a short time at best, that your accent is average, or even really horrible!
And above all, they adapt much better and faster than we do!
You have to trust them!
Good choice!


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