Westwind Orchard & Cidery

Hudson River Valley

Westwind Orchard & Cidery, located in a 32-acre plot of land, is a family owned orchard specializing in natural ciders and Italian-inspired farm-to-table food.

Bought in 2002 by Fabio Chizzola and his wife Laura Ferrara with the aim of reviving the orchard and diversifying the culture towards organic practices, the couple propose the perfect match between traditional Italian dishes and cider that respects European cider-making techniques and traditions.

Around a large central lawn fitted with numerous picnic tables (Dogs and babies are welcome), are grouped together, the tasting room, the pizza oven and the farmstand.

Many events are scheduled throughout the year in the tasting room. Cider and Italian tapas evenings, delicatessen tasting, tasting of local and Italian cheeses and many others (see their Instagram for more info).

On the pizza oven side, the master pizzaiolo Cicco proposes delicious pizzas using the traditional recipes of the “Mamma” combined with the fresh products of the farm.

The farmstand is overflowing with a selection of organic fruits and vegetables, homemade products such as jams, honey, maple syrup, vinegar, products from local vendors and a wide range of cider from traditional dry to light and fruity.

The orchards of old apple trees, pears, plums, cherries, berries, grapes, as well as fresh and organic products directly from the farm such as basil, zucchini, pumpkin blossoms, tomatoes, etc. provide most of the ingredients for Westwind’s cider and food.

Outdoor movies, live music, salsa nights, cooking classes and fruit and vegetable picking are also available in this beautiful place with a meticulous aesthetic due to Fabio Chizzola’s past as a fashion photographer.

A place not to be missed for lovers of gastronomy, nature and fine products.


Address : 215 Lower Whitfield Rd, Accord, NY 12404,  (1 hour 45 min drive from Manhattan)

Website : Westwind Orchard & cidery

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