What to do during lockdown ?

With quarantine and lockdown becoming the new normal

it is important to stay home as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus.

Time can be long and boring so here are some ideas of things you can do to pass the time while protecting yourself and others. 



  • keep in touch with your loved ones

Whether you are alone or confined with your family, being physically isolated does not mean cutting off all contact with the rest of the world, quite the contrary.

it is very important, especially during this time, to keep in touch with our relatives, friends and colleagues to avoid withdrawal and depression.

take advantage of current communication tools such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and others to spend time with friends at a distance. Do multiparty videoconference, organize a movie evening at a distance and then discuss what you thought about it, or play multyplayer games online…. Be creative.


  • Work out / yoga / meditation

A sedentary lifestyle promotes stress and depression, while movement is good for the body and morale. Physical activity produces large quantities of endorphins, nicknamed the “pleasure hormone”.

Sport relieves stress and transforms negative energy into positive energy, whether it is a cardio activity or a relaxation technique.

so here are some youtube channels to help you do some workout at home :

Mr and Mrs Muscle

P4P (FR)

Body Project

Popsugar Fitness

Jessica Smith


Yoga With Adriene


  • start cooking

Confinement doesn’t mean bad food or snacks. Learn to share the kitchen and enjoy the flavours. Who knows, it may become a new habit, which, to your surprise, doesn’t take that long.

So, go to your cookbooks and take advantage of this period to learn or perfect good recipes, while having a good time with your family. And if you are alone, no problem, share your recipes with your friends.

Here are few links if you need some inspirations :

Frenchymoms recipes

Alice Esmeralda (FR)

Cuisinez avec moi (FR)

Sam the Cooking Guy

Peaceful Cuisine

Clean & Delicious

ps: many chefs are currently sharing a few recipes on their instagram. Go have a look.


  • Keep up to date in your administrative documents, mails and e-mails.

Probably the least exciting activity on this list, but a very important one. This period of confinement could be the ideal opportunity to sort through all your documents.


  • Spring Cleaning

That’s it. Spring is here. Take advantage of this time to do a good cleaning of your home if you haven’t already done so.

So use your muscles and move this piece of furniture that hasn’t moved for a long time and clean the dust behind it. Sort your clothes in the closet, make a box of those you want to sell or give away after the lockdown. 

Sort through your photos. What better way to cheer yourself up than to “scroll” through your memories and choose those photos to decorate your walls or create photo albums? Share thes photos with your friends to remind you the good times you had and especially those to come.


  • Be creative

learn to play the piano? learn Spanish? Start painting?  All those activities where you said you didn’t have time to start is now over. Dedicate a part of your day to finally take the time to be creative and/or start a new activity.

If you have children and need inspiration take a look at our article:   At home with the children (from 6 years old)


  • Play

Take out your card games, board games, coloured pencils, modelling clay, your games console (with moderation) and have a good time together playing.


  • Read a book / Watch movies / Listen to music

Discover or rediscover the classics of cinema and literature.

The benefit of the internet and the numerous applications like Netflix, Amazon, Itunes… is that you can watch a movie, read a book or listen to music with just one click of a button.


  • Discover virtual exhibitions

If you’re short of exhibitions at the moment, don’t panic! Many museums, art galleries, National Parks and others are currently offering virtual tours.

No need to wait in line, sometimes even free, these visits are an opportunity to discover the wonders of the world in a different way.

here is a list of some of the museums that offer these virtual tours:

Château de Versailles

Grand Palais de Paris

École du Louvre

Bibliothèque National de France

Cité de l’Architecture


The British Museum

Smithsonian Museum

Met Museum


Vatican Museum

Ps : This is a short list of the many possible visits. Don’t hesitate to go and have a look at the websites of museums and galleries all around the world. They might offer virtual tours.



What is important, is that we may be confined, but let’s all be united ! even from a distance. 

so if you have ideas, tips, advice, talent, life hacks or anything you think useful to share, don’t hesitate !



photo : Bill Branson

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